Established in 2015     

BANObrite offers high quality Biological and Enzyme products, a full range of products were developed to suit the requirements of the South African market.  

IN 2015 BANObrite was officially launched, offering a product that is 100% Environmentally Friendly.

Each product has been specifically designed for a specific application    

Using the BANObrite range of products has a large impact on the affordability of cleaning.

Firstly, if using the product in the concentrate format, reducing the expense of blending and bottling in the factory, this can be done on site, therefore this saving comes back directly to the user.

With the continued use of BANObrite, the daily usage becomes less as you continue with the application, as the products continue working. Full and on-going training is supplied for the correct use of the products, constant communication for all problems that may arise. 

BANObrite offers a full on-site inspection to asses the requirements of each client to assist with the best advice.   

BANObrite is Privately Owned and Managed